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The Interview

Premiered at Studio/Stage, Los Angeles, October 2013

Welcome to a world where not everyone is allowed to become a parent. The US government has mandated that females must be implanted with a contraceptive rod upon hitting puberty. Getting that rod out and becoming pregnant requires a rigorous application process and interview. Steven and Jenna have applied to become parents and the future looks bright for them, until they step into Veronica’s office.


Un-Lonely Planet

Premiered at Theater for the New City, NYC

Un-Lonely Planet tells a darkly comic story about two American couples on the fringes of society that travel to a country on the fringes of the world. It poses questions about globalization, tourism in developing countries and the quest to feel authentic and individual in a world overrun by American popular culture. At the same time, this is a play about escapism gone awry; about people who desperately want to connect yet cannot face their own fears about being alone.


The Manhattan Bible

Premiered at Makor/92nd  St. Y, NYC

Six, short, plays about biblical women transformed into modern denizens of New York City, interspersed with original music by Basya Schechter. The source material for this play was drawn from some of the lesser known and more disturbing stories about women in the Old Testament.